CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Panthers tight end Greg Olsen hosted a yoga class at the Panthers practice facility on Monday evening.

"A few years ago we partnered with another group and did another event similar to this and saw what an incredible turnout we had, and we just thought our resources and the Panthers being part of it we could do a similar event on our own," Olsen said.

He did that for the first time on Monday, and drew nearly 500 people to a yoga class on the Panthers practice field, followed by a block party afterwards.

"The Panthers have been great to our family with all of our community efforts, they make things very seamless, so to be able to use the facility here and tie it all together it makes it a cool experience for a lot of people who may otherwise never come out to the practice fields," Olsen said.

Admission to the yoga class was $25, while the block party was $5 with proceeds benefiting Olsen's charity, The HEARTest Yard. For more information on Olsen's charity and future events, CLICK HERE.