MONROE, N.C. — Parkwood wrestler Amber Parker says history is one of her favorite subjects. And that’s fitting.

Because last weekend, Parker made history.

"It was very exhilarating,” she said. ”It was crazy."

Parker became the first girl in North Carolina history to win a state championship in wrestling.

"Oh my goodness it was crazy,” she said. “I still can't believe it.”

This was the first year the NCHSAA held a girls wrestling state invitational, getting 87 competitors. Wrestling at 138 lbs., Parker was the first winner recorded. Even more impressive? This year was the first year she tried the sport.

"My little brother wrestles and so I was like why not, I'll try it, get me in to shape, try something new,” she said. “All the coaches were so awesome, they encouraged me. And the team was so encouraging throughout the whole season."

They knew they had a good athlete on their hands. Parker helped the school’s softball team to the 2017 state championship. She’s the only person in Parkwood history to win state titles in two sports.

She’s making history everywhere, even in a male-dominated sport.

“Anything that you put your mind to, anything that you work hard enough,” she said. “If you discipline yourself, you can do it. Everything takes self-discipline, and without that you won't be successful.”

Parker will attend WCU to study criminal justice, and play softball. But she has had a blast wrestling.

“The sport is growing now, and I love it,” she said “It's awesome.”