Charlotte native turned NBA star Stephen Curry best assist was not on the court in Monday night's game.

According to NBC News, an hour before tipoff against the Dallas Mavericks, Curry was spotted consoling the 9-year-old nephew of Mavericks guard Brayden Harris. The boy had lost his father days before in a car crash.

The moment was captured as Brayden, Curry and the boy were in the AAC tunnel prior to warming up. Curry is seen bending down, hugging the boy as appears to cry. The heart-to-heart was uploaded on Twitter and quickly gained thousands of retweets and likes with fans applauding Curry's compassion.

"It's obviously sometimes hard to find the right words in that situation because that's a tough blow to the family," Curry told Dallas News post game. "Nobody can tell him how to feel. He has to allow himself to get through it the best he can, with his family at his side, to lean on them for strength and support and love."