CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A hard-working leader, dedicated to the success of others is the kind of person most people would love to have in their lives. The women's basketball team at Myers Park High School in Charlotte does.

 Andrea Shire is a senior Mustang committed to her team. "We are a very dedicated program, we work hard every day," she said.

Her coach, Barbara Nelson takes that a step further. 

"Andrea Shire is one of the most hard-working young ladies I’ve had the opportunity to work within my seven years here, but my 33-year career," said her coach.

As one of only two seniors on the team, Coach Nelson said Shire is leading the way and encouraging others. 

"In society now, everybody’s interested in themselves. She’s very interested in others having success too and that’s pretty rare these days in the selfie generation and social media," she told NBC Charlotte.

Shire credits her mother who played basketball in college.

 "I started when I was five and she’s been with me the whole way. It's so rewarding that she can see the hard work I’ve done that she’s helped me achieve," said Shire.

This week's student athlete's work ethic extends far past the basketball court. She's taking the IB program at Myers Park and explains the expectations around it are very high.

It's clear Shire is building a solid foundation for the future, which could lead to a career in nursing.

"She wants to be in an industry where you do for others which doesn’t surprise me," said Nelson.

Shire's team mentality was evident in our interview. Along with her teammates and mother, Shire credits amazing support from her teachers and coaches at Myers Park who have helped her manage extracurricular activities and the rigorous course load.