CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- This could be bad news for "Porch Pirates" as Amazon announced a new way for deliveries to be placed inside homes that would keeping packages from being damaged by thieves and weather.

Starting November 8, Amazon will launch "Amazon Key," a feature that provides an Amazon Logistics delivery person with a code to unlock a customer's door for five minutes. The process will be live-streamed to the smartphone and recorded to be viewed later.

The service will only be available for Prime customers.

Homeowners will have to purchase Amazon's web camera and a "smart lock." Amazon says the starting price for the system is roughly $250 and will have to be installed by the homeowner or an Amazon technician.

Customers will receive alerts on the day of delivery and the time to expect it. Homeowners can even allow the system to allow cleaning crews, guests or dog-walkers to access the home using the system.

Walmart says they want to go even farther -- actually putting away groceries while you watch. Using a one-time "use code," the Walmart delivery worker will put the eggs, milk and other groceries away in the refrigerator. Notifications are sent to the phone when the process starts and ends.

Local Charlotte shoppers NBC Charlotte spoke with on Wednesday had mixed reaction to the news.

"If I came home and my groceries are already put away, that would be amazing," said Lacy Ingle, a busy mom. "I would love to have my groceries delivered."

"I wouldn't be the type of person to allow access to my house," said Nick Duquette. "I wouldn't allow it by a stranger, regardless if they're Amazon."

Amazon Key will start in 37 U.S. cities. Charlotte is not on the list but if the program is successful, Amazon says that will likely change.