CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Most of us won’t go more than a few hours without looking at our screens, and experts said our kids are picking up the habit. 

However, kids really can't escape it since so much technology is used in the classroom. But how much screen time is too much?

“No more than one hour for elementary school students and two hours a day for secondary children, but the average child is way over that," said Douglas Gentile, a psychology professor and one of the speakers at the Families Managing Media event in Charlotte on Friday.

Technology is addicting. Some statistics suggest teens are using media nine hours a day. 

“We found when kids became addicted other mental health issues got worse," said Gentile.

A group of CMS teachers attended the event, becoming students for the day and learning about how their students cope with all the electronics.

“They are overly excited to use the technology and it takes precedence over other types of learning,” said Karen DeSantis, a technology teacher at Polo Ridge Elementary School.

Laptops and technology have become a huge part of the classroom. DeSantis worries it’s not being used in the right way, and students have become consumed by their screens.

“That human interaction is so important and there’s less and less of it because of the technology in classrooms," said DeSantis.

So what should parents do? iPhones now allow you to control your children's screen time, if your kids also have an iPhone. 

Fighting with your kid over the amount of time they spend staring into screens may become frustrating, but it will pay off.

“Holding those rules firm has a powerful protective factor and effect across a wide range of health and wellness indicators," said Gentile.


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