CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The annual Charlotte Auto Show kicked off Thursday afternoon and Chevy is promoting some of their new additions to vehicles that focus on safety.

As technology continues to advance, new safety measures are being put into vehicles-- ones that can keep teens safe and ones for parents to be able to watch over their kids.

Joe LaMuraglia showed the inside of a new Chevy Cruze to show the new teen driving features.

"Anytime you start the car, it says 'teen driver is active,'" LaMuraglia said.

Parents give their kids a special teen driver key. When they're behind the wheel, the car keeps track of what they're doing.

"It tracks any risky behavior and allows the parent to have the conversation," LaMuraglia said.

It produces a report card for "maximum speed" or "tailgating".

"The parent can sit down with them in the vehicle and show them their report card and discuss any discrepancies," LaMuraglia said.

And In Teen Driving mode, no music will play until everyone puts their seat belts on.

"Off, no radio," LaMuraglia said. "On, you can listen to music."

Other features can connect your phone to the car for voice texting, calling, and running GPS. LaMuraglia also showed new technology to prevent someone from forgetting a pet or kid in the back seat of their car.

"If the rear door has been opened within 10 minutes of the car being started, after you finish your trip and turn the car off, in the center it says 'rear seat reminder, look in rear seat,'" LaMuraglia said.

Chevy says this technology has been on the street for a year now, but it'll be in even more of their 2017 models.