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Conversation on climate change and impacts on craft beer

Known as an environmentally friendly brewery, it's only natural Coelacanth Brewing became the host of this conversation Thursday night.

NORFOLK, Va. — Known as an environmentally friendly brewery, it's only natural Coelacanth Brewing hosted a climate change conversation Thursday night.

"I'm not going to talk about the brewery too much. I'm going to talk about how climate change, as projected and predicted, is going to impact beer," said Kevin Erskin, President of Coelacanth Brewing.

So over a beer, Erskin talked about climate change, a topic that's often more on political fronts than tasting rooms.

"When you talk about climate change, it can be sort of a nebulous kind of idea to people. They're like 'It's getting warmer but what does that mean to me,'" he said.

That's what can be tough when talking about this, finding ways to make it interesting to people. Which, is why Erskin and the Virginia Conservation Network did it over a craft beer and him explaining how climate change can affect this industry.

"Impacts on ingredients impact prices to brewers," he said.

That means beer prices could double, according to Erskin's research. But, he said this is bigger than beer. 

Climate change affects many things around us.

"What about your street flooding every day? What about not being able to get a hamburger if you're a hamburger eater? What about not being able to get the foods you like to eat? Because, everything can be impacted," Erskin said.

"I think it's the biggest issue we're facing now and it's not just on a local level. It is on a local level but it's also on a national level," said Kelsey Hillner with the Virginia Conservation Network.

The Virginia Conservation Network said right now they're working with lawmakers to combat climate change while educating others on the impacts of it.


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