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Trucking companies gas costs skyrocket, forcing them to make tough decisions

Diesel costs have risen almost a dollar in just a week.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Diesel costs have risen seventy-five cents in the last week, and that jump at the pump is hitting the hip pockets of those in the trucking industry.

According to Columbia truck driver John Dias, it's costing him an extra $1,000 to fill up his semi-truck, saying he's feeling the pain at the pump. 

“It's impacting me and my business pretty hard," Dias. said. “So, that jumps up tremendously from the $1,840 to $2,893. So, that’s a little over a $1,000 more I would spend a week on fuel.”

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Trucking for six years, Dias drives 3,000 miles a week. He says that’s more than 520 gallons of fuel.

“I am hauling your chickens, your food, your fruits and vegetables," Dias said.

Michael Nicolson with The Moving Squad says it costs $2,200 to fill up his nine trucks. “We were a little more than $700 more than we normally do to fill up all the trucks.”

Nicolson says, right now, they're doing everything they can to keep their trucks fueled, to "figure out the best thing we can do to keep everybody moving, cause we still have all our families to take of, as well.”

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Because of regulated moving company tariffs, Nicolson says the company is having to eat those added fuel costs. "You can’t charge one penny above or below what your posted tariff is," he said.

Rick Todd with the South Carolina Trucking Association says the state’s truck driver and equipment shortage, combined with sky high gas prices, is adding pressure to the system. 

“It really is an unprecedented time, and that worries me," Todd said.

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