The cell phone video only lasts 30 seconds, but David Calabrese hopes the message lasts a lifetime. 

"This is why you move over," said Calabrese, owner and operator of Diamondback Towing Company in Mooresville. "This is the guy that hit us on the side of 485. Slow down and move over -- you're going to get someone killed out here."

Calabrese remembers what it was like, arriving on scene to see a car absolutely mangled in the road.  

"My stomach just sank," Calabrese said.

One of his drivers had just pulled over to tow a disabled vehicle when a car clipped the tow truck. Miraculously, everyone involved walked away. 

Calabrese says while accidents happen, these sort accidents can be avoided if drivers obey the "Move Over" law.

There's some variation of the law in throughout the 50 states, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says a majority of Americans do not know the law exists.

In North and South Carolina, drivers are required to reduce speed and switch lanes safely when there's an emergency vehicle, tow or utility truck with flashing lights on.

When driver's don't follow the rules of the road, that can put innocent lives in danger, especially the lives of law enforcement officers.

"Folks just don't move over," said Michael Stanford, the Medic Operations Manager. "They don't pay attention to the emergency vehicles on the side of the road."