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South Carolina's 'Move Right' law takes effect Sunday

Nothing gets folks more fired up than getting caught behind a slow driver in the left lane. A new South Carolina law is aimed to get them out of the way.

SOUTH CAROLINA, USA — The next time you're cruising to Myrtle Beach, you better pay attention. South Carolina's new "move right" law, which is designed to get drivers out of the left lane unless they're passing, will take effect this Sunday, Aug. 15. 

The new law bans people from driving too slow in the left lane and requires them to move over for faster traffic from behind. 

"Doing that cuts down on traffic flow and keeps a lane open for emergency responders if need be," said James Miller with the South Carolina Department of Public Safety. "In most cases, it cuts back on road rage."

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The law only applies to interstates and highways in the Palmetto State. Miller said the state wants to make it clear the new law is not being implemented to create an excuse for speeding. 

"There are still speed limits out there and we're going to be enforcing that," Miller said. 

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For the first 90 days, police will only give out warnings. Then, those warnings turn into tickets around the middle of November. 

"We're going to start issuing tickets and it's going to be similar to a seatbelt ticket," Miller said. 

South Carolina transportation officials said to avoid fines, drivers should simply stay alert. To help with that, the department of transportation will install new signs along highways to remind drivers of the law. SCDOT will also install new overhead message boards. 

"Pay attention to what you're doing and focus on the task at hand," Miller said. "Drive the car and be aware of what's going on."

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