CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Sunday was the 6th day in a row at 90°+ but the following three days will be more humid rising our heat indices and how hot you feel! This was the 47th time we have hit 90°, tying us for the 17th most 90° days up to August 11. 

We are keeping pace with last year which had a total of 74 days at 90° (the 9th most all-time for Charlotte). 

90 days in Charlotte

This next three-day stretch will not be anything record-breaking but just oppressively humid and highs hovering around the mid 90's. Tuesday, for now, will be the hottest. We would need to hit 98°+ to tie or surpass the warmest temperature of 2019.

There is still a chance these temps could be 1-3° cooler depending on our rain coverage of developing thunderstorms and also cloud cover that will be partly cloudy to partly sunny status the next few days. 

High temps next 7 days

When dew points are below 60°, it feels great. When they are from 60-69°, it is humid. Above 70° dew points creates that air you can wear and it makes you feel A LOT hotter. 

The reason for this is that when it is overly humid, your sweat evaporates much slower. Evaporation is a cooling process so if this is reduced, you will feel hotter than the actual temperature.

Forecast heat index & temperatures

Tuesday and Wednesday, for now, have the best shot at a range of heat indices from 100-105°. Tuesday will likely have a Heat Advisory in place due to this. Wednesday still could be cooler due to a better chance at widespread rain. After Wednesday we see no break from the mugginess but will have highs return to around normal (88°).