CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Mother Nature delivered the first true dose of winter to Charlotte Friday, with sleet, snow, and cold rain falling throughout the day.

“A little cold for my taste, for sure,” one man said.

Others weren’t so euphemistic.

“Pretty crappy,” said another man.

“Cold. Wet,” a couple said, laughing.

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To no one’s surprise, the streets of Charlotte were quite empty for a Friday night.

“Had plans,” said one resident. “Past tense.”

The excitement of the season’s first snowfall had the Queen City buzzing throughout the week. The city’s official Twitter account tweeted, “Is that…snow?”

Unfortunately, when many expected to see a winter wonderland, all they felt was a whole lot of cold rain.

“Would love to see snow over the rain, at least,” said one man walking his dog.

“Yeah, of course we want snow,” one couple added.

Crews across the Queen City are still working to prepare for the potential of black ice, deploying salt trucks Friday night to target bridges, streets, and hospital entrances. Residential garbage pickup will not operate over the weekend.

CATS anticipates to stick with their regular schedule for buses, and those headed to Sunday’s Panthers game and weekend concerns are hopeful the weather will cooperate.

CATS said worsening conditions would cause some delays. To check the status of any bus, you can contact CATS at 704-336-7433.