CATAWBA COUNTY, N.C. -- Catawba County first responders were dispatched to several crashes as the roads became clogged with traffic once schools let out early due to snow.

Sidney Smith said his truck was hit by another car, and he had to wait almost two hours for a trooper to meet him to take a report.

"I'm now trying to get my son right now before it gets too bad," Smith said.

Fearing the weather will get much worse, many shoppers like Megan Shoemaker ran to grocery stores to pick up last-minute items.

"When it gets cold, I'd like to get the cozy food like some apple cider," Shoemaker said.

Others went straight for the necessities as bread, milk and eggs shelves laid bare at one Mountain View grocery store.

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Despite the stresses, some people like Jeffrey Crottz are slowing down to enjoy the weather.

"I can't stand to sit in the house when it's snowing like this," Crottz said. "I gotta get out and move; get out and ride around."