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Has it rained more on weekends this year? The truth behind Charlotte's weather

You aren't imagining things. It has rained on the weekends almost every week in 2023.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Rainy weekends are always more noticeable than weekday showers, but 2023's been really tough for wet weather across the Carolinas. 

Over 21 inches of rain has fallen in Charlotte this year, but over 9 inches of that has been on Saturdays and Sundays. That means over 43% of the yearly rain has fallen on the weekend. Give us a break, Mother Nature!

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In fact, there have only been six weekends where there hasn't been measurable rainfall (meaning 0.01 inches of rain or more). This means only about 1 in 4 weekends have been dry in 2023. 

But what day's been the wettest? To no one's surprise, Saturday wins this one. Saturdays in Charlotte have had measurable rain 11 times this year. Friday is a close second with 10 rainy days and we've had nine soggy Sundays so far. 

But those stormy Sundays have made up for it with the most rainfall. Over 5 inches, about one-quarter of the rain we've seen this year, has come on Sundays. 

So no, you aren't imagining things. It really has rained a lot on the weekends this year. 

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