CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Chances are, no matter where you are in the Carolinas, you're going to be affected by the winter weather.

It's mostly just dealing with cold temperatures at this point, but road crews are already gearing up for what could be some icy roads in the coming days.

NBC Charlotte has been in contact with state and local road crews about how they're preparing. NCDOT says they will have more than 30 trucks out this weekend and they'll be closely monitoring the weather.

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However, the bitter cold is already having an impact on infrastructure around the Carolinas. Water crews worked throughout the day Friday to fix a water main break on Randolph Road, which left several homes and businesses without water.

“The Harris Teeter, a bank, and some apartments, and a Smashburger are impacted without water,” said Cam Coley, a spokesman for Charlotte Water.

Frigid weather is being blamed for eight water main breaks in Gastonia already this year, with more than 1,700 residential and business customers losing water service. Charlotte Water has reported similar issues. Coley said it's business as usual when it gets this cold.

“We definitely see an uptick in water main breaks, emergency repairs when we're in the teens,” explained Coley.

Now, the big concern is ice causing potentially dangerous driving conditions Monday.

NCDOT told NBC Charlotte that crews have already used brine on highways over the area this week and will continue treating roads over the weekend. Charlotte DOT also had crews out Thursday and Friday targeting bridges and main thoroughfares. In South Carolina, SCDOT crews treated I-77 in both directions with leaders keeping a close eye on the weekend forecast.

Meanwhile, after hours of work, road crews were able to replace the pipe and restore water on Randolph Road.

“We try to fix those as soon as we can,” said Coley.

Charlotte Water says even though the pipe is replaced, it could take days or even weeks to repair the road, so lanes could remain closed for some time.