BOONE, N.C. -- You know the old saying there only so many ways to skin a cat? Well, there are only so many ways to say it is cold in Boone.

Boone residents woke up Sunday morning with snow on the ground. They have also seen flurries throughout the day and even though it's still autumn, it feels like winter outside with wind chill in the area being in single-digit temperatures.

“I have 4 layers on,” said one Boone resident.

“What do you do to stay warm?” asked NBC Charlotte's Evan West.

“Stay in and watch some Netflix,” said another local resident.

It's not just Boone that's feeling the cold temperatures. Charlotteans are expected to feel a wind chill of about 31 degrees Monday morning.

"Everyone is going to feel the cold," said First Warn Storm Meteorologist Sarah Fortner. "Plants, pipes, pets and people... make sure to check on them."