CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Mecklenburg County’s Storm Water Services Department has been preparing ahead of time as rain is forecasted for the next two days in the Charlotte area.

Mark Boone, the spokesperson for Storm Water Services said, “We can expect three or four inches of rain over a period of time, versus what they had in Houston. That was an inundation.”

The three or four inches of rain we are expecting would be over two days and nights.

The closest the Carolinas have come to what is happening in Texas was two years ago in Columbia, South Carolina when the area was swamped with flood waters.

“We saw what happened in Columbia, where they had nearly two feet of water in a 24-hour period, it was devastating.”

Storm Water crews do check streams and creeks before any potential storm and the department urges neighbors to make sure their own gutters, driveways and storm drains are clear.

“We prepare year round, and so we have crews that have gone out and actually looked at all [of] our hot spots to make sure there are no blockages,” said Boone.