BURKE COUNTY, N.C. -- Sunday brought a whirlwind of emotions for one Burke County family.

“We were fortunate enough to come away with a win this weekend with Martin Truex’s car,” Jeff Curtis said.

Jeff is an engineer for Furniture Row Racing and as he was celebrating the huge win at the Bank of America 500, a fast-moving tornado was moving closer to his family’s house.

“I could see the funnel and I thought, 'wow, I can’t believe I’m seeing a tornado,'” his wife Jennifer said.

His focus immediately turned to his wife Jennifer and two young boys.

“From going to celebrating the win to panic to make sure that Jen was OK and the family was OK,” Jeff explained.

Snapshots of the damage show trees down onto the pool and along the driveway.

Jen says it happened in less than a minute.

“I went down to the basement. I felt the house shake and that was pretty frightening,” said Jennifer.

Now they will need a new roof and new doors. They’re cutting down trees and picking up branches.

“But other people experienced way worse. So I’m thankful for not having more than what we’ve got.”