CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Control is hosting a preparedness clinic ahead of Hurricane Irma.

Animal Control is encouraging pet owners to make sure their animals micro- chips are up to date and offering free rabies shots.

CMPD animal care and control offered the following tips regarding your pets:

  • Call your veterinarian and have them email a copy of your pet’s most up-to-date records. Include the pet’s rabies certificate. Print these out and store in a Ziploc gallon size bag in your emergency kit for your pet.
  • Take a pet selfie! Take a photo of you and your pet with your smart phone so you have a recent photo of you with your pet. This proves ownership. Take additional photos of your pet: Close up of face, body shot. This helps with identification if you were to be separated from your pet.
  • Update your microchip! Make sure your pet’s microchip registration is up to date with your most recent address and phone number.
  • Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with an ID tag that is up to date with your most recent address and phone number.
  • If your pet is on special medication, check your supply and make sure you have at least 2 weeks’ worth to pack in your emergency to go kit for your pet.
  • If you don’t have an emergency kit for your pet, start working on one now.
  • Make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date.