CHARLOTTE, N.C.-- As the rising water from the wake of Tropical Storm Harvey ceases, the recovery and relief effort ramps up.

People from all over have taken their talents and good will to Texas to help clean up the state that's been inundated with more than 9 trillion gallons of water.

NBC Charlotte's Evan West spoke to business owners in Charlotte about how the Tar Heel State is helping Texas.

Mooresville-based Lowe's has sent more than 500 truck loads of essential items to Texas as of Saturday.

Keller Williams, the real estate establishment, places a premium on helping the community.

"KW Cares" is a public charity with 100% of the donations going to people in need.

Keller Williams is sending 18-wheelers filled with supplies to Texas, according to Mark Ramsey, leader of the Ramsey Group and a certified instructor with the company.

"If it's five dollars, $500, $5,000, everything helps," said Ramsey. You can donate by going to and click "donate."

Fern Co. is one of the largest service contractors in America. They're also sending dozens of 18-wheelers filled with essentials.

"Pretty much everything from baby formula to diapers, adult diapers as well," said Krystal Ned, a fork lift driver at Fern, "at this moment, anything."

Fern is accepting donations at their facility on 2310 Old Steele Creek Rd, Charlotte, NC 28208.

Samaritan's Purse out of Boone, NC sent Todd Taylor and a team to Victoria, Texas.

"We'll be cutting trees, chomping roots, helping with the mud outs," Taylor told NBC Charlotte in a Skype interview.

Although flood waters prevent them from getting to work, Taylor said when they are able to reach people who have lost everything, they will share the good word.

"Every homeowner that we help, Samaritan's purse is able to share the love of Jesus Christ. That is why we're here," said Taylor.

While supplies are sent Southwest, prayers are sent somewhere up above and Taylor says unlike a flood, there's no drowning in prayer.

The people of Texas are desperate for them.