CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- More than 30,000 people are cramming into packed shelters, waiting for the high waters to recede.

North Carolina is sending five swift water rescue teams to Texas Thursday morning. NC Hart, the state’s specialized helicopter rescue team, saved lives through the air on Wednesday.

In Charlotte, the American Red Cross is preparing for the possibility of evacuees.

“If Charlotte is a place where evacuees choose to come, we’ll be ready to shelter them,” said American Red Cross Western North Carolina Regional CEO Angela Broome Powley.

Carolinians are also feeling the impact of Harvey at the pump. Gas climbed by two cents a gallon Wednesday. Experts say it could increase by 25 cents a gallon.

These price increases are happening after the largest oil refinery in the United States was shut down due to flooding.

More outages continue to spread.

“I was paying $2.20 a gallon last week for gas and now I’m paying $3.09 so it’s definitely impacting,” one driver said.

According to AAA, gas in the Tar Heel State is averaging $2.29 a gallon, up 10 percent from the last week. In the Palmetto State, drivers are paying an average of $2.19 a gallon, up 13 percent.

But Carolinians say it is pennies compared to what those in Texas are dealing with.

“I was talking to somebody who had water in their house. It’s definitely a sad story down there but they’re trying to do what they can,” another driver said.

The Red Cross is asking everyone to continue to give by calling 704-329-3703 or online at

“They can’t leave the shelter," Powley said. "They can’t return home. There’s too much water covering the city of Houston. So right now we’re taking care of them where they’re at and that is expensive."

If you are planning to travel this holiday weekend you can estimate fuel costs using AAA’s or

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