CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Charlotte metro is expected to see heavy rain and possible flooding from the remnants of Hurricane Florence.

As of Tuesday night, the forecast Charlotte is expected to see four to eight inches of rain. With that in mind, families are getting ready for what could be a major rain event in the coming days.

That's also one of the main concerns for Duke Energy.

"It's all hands on deck here at Duke Energy," said Meghan Miles, a Duke Energy spokesperson.

The reports are coming in as fast as Hurricane Florence is trekking across the Atlantic.

"The problem is it stalls then drifts to the west," said NBC Charlotte Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich.

The smallest shift could cause catastrophic flooding right here in Charlotte, which is why Char-Meck Water Services has already started clearing troubled areas.

"Before a storm, our crew goes out and check the usual suspects," said John Wendel, former NBC Charlotte meteorologist.

Depending on which direction Florence goes the Queen City could see heavy relentless rain for days. Officials say with that dozens of trees would likely fall.

Hundreds of trucks and linemen from surrounding states are on their way to North Carolina.

"We are expecting widespread power outages throughout the Carolinas," said Miles. "A storm of this magnitude could take multiple days to weeks to restore."

If your power goes out, call 1-(800)-POWER-ON or report the outage at online at

"We are all going to work together along with our customers to get through this storm," said Miles.

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