SURFSIDE BEACH, S.C. — "Last year when I saw that category four coming in off the coast of North Carolina, panicked me," said Michael Griggs, a homeowner hunkering down for Hurricane Dorian. 

He got help from two guys that boarded up his home before Hurricane Florence. 

"I stopped over and said what would you do for a window or two of mine," said Griggs.

"He said son that’s not one window, that’s six and a half windows."

James Dankel is headed home to take care of his family later Wednesday evening. "Get my generator right and get all my stuff buttoned up and maybe if my family's gotta leave I'll send them off," said Dankel.

The rain and wind started while Dankel and his crew were up on the ladder getting boards over the windows of Griggs' home.

"You have to deal with the wind and the elements," said Dankel. 

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"Yeah it's starting to rain now a little windy up there but other than that it wasn’t bad."

Dankel says he's boarded up 15 houses since Monday.

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"The phones ringing nonstop," he said. Both Dankel and Griggs aren't too worried about the storm.

"I'm alright with it. It is what it is. I can't control mother nature. It's gonna do what its gonna do," said Dankel.

"If its time to go, I'm prepared to leave but I would much prefer to stay," said Griggs. 

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