CHARLOTTE, N.C. – While Charlotte will get only the remnants of Hurricane Irma, there are still people out shopping for supplies, just in case.

One of those out Sunday night at the Park Road Shopping Center was Marshall Groom, who was forced to evacuate from Hilton Head, S.C.

He and his wife came to Charlotte not knowing that whatever is left from Irma is coming behind them.

Still, Marshall said he is grateful to be in Charlotte.

“I appreciate the good lord in watching out for all of us and I pray for those people in Florida,” he said.

At Blackhawk Hardware in the Park Road Shopping Center, Jim Wilkerson said shoppers were still buying flashlights and gas cans, along with coolers.

He said he understands why.

“After you’ve watched a couple of weeks of Harvey and the flooding, it begins to be, ‘OK, I need to think about that,’” Jim said.

Charlotte won’t get anywhere near what Florida is getting, but there will still be some rain and gusts of wind.

"You know, I was here during Hugo and so if that is all we get, we will be very lucky," said shopper Pam Clark.

Stick with throughout the week for updates on Hurricane Irma and the latest forecast.