CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The final hours are here for people who want to safely get out of Florida before Irma moves ashore.

Many of those leaving the state, like Jennifer Metcalf from Titusville, Florida are on I-77 coming to or passing through Charlotte.

Metcalf said she felt she had no choice except to leave.

"Its a big storm. I have a three and a half year old son and it isn't worth the risk," she said.

She is one of a number of people from Florida who pulled off a very busy I-77 at the North Carolina Welcome Center just north of the state line.

Melissa Broadnax from St. Petersburg said she had never evacuated before.

"My husband works for the power company and in 17 years he has never asked us to leave -- this time he did," she said.

Mayor Jennifer Roberts said while the track of Irma has moved farther west that is no reason for anyone to let their guard down because the area could still see rain and some winds.

While it may rain here, people from Florida say it will be nothing like what they expect to happen to their home state and they have no idea what they will go home to find.

Theresa Cederstrom is from Melbourne along Florida's east coast.

She said, "I have my mother with me and we just loaded up the back with whatever we could take with us and we have no idea what we will have when we get back."