CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Carolinians flooded into grocery stores Wednesday as Hurricane Irma barrels closer to the coast.

“We have some regular groceries but we also got a lot of things preparing for the hurricane,” said Shelley Therman, as she and her husband Derrick loaded supplies into their SUV.

“Making sure we have plenty of batteries and the bottled water and things like that,” Keith said.

North and South Carolina have both declared states of emergency ahead of the storm.

“Now is the time for people to get prepared,” warned Governor Roy Cooper at a news conference Wednesday evening.

Residents are heeding that warning.

At the same time North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein issued a stern warning on price gouging.

Three hundred and fifty complaints have been reported at gas stations across the state, 38 of those in Mecklenburg County.

If you want to report an incident of price gouging call 877-5-NOSCAM or visit

“We will pursue these complaints and make sure that any price increase happening at these gas stations is being done because of increase of cost to them and not because of greed and trying to exploit a tough situation,” said Stein.

With thousands evacuating Florida, many are now traveling north.

South Carolina says it is prepping road crews and making plans to keep drivers up to speed on conditions online and through the SCDOT call center.