GASTONIA, N.C. - Homeowners and renters in Gaston County continue to clean up after several trees crashed into roads, homes and cars.

The weather Irma brought led to a 100-year-old tree crashing into the house Krystal Bolch's family rents and two cars in the driveway.

"It sucks," Bolch said. "It sucks looking at it. it's awful."

None of Bolch's family members were hurt, but their house is now uninhabitable.

"it's a miracle y'all were not hurt," Bloch's aunt said.

"I know," Bloch replied. "Everything else can be replaced."

Another house in Gastonia also sustained heavy damage after an old tree crashed into a section of it.

Gaston County's Emergency Management said all reports of damage were indiscriminate, and no one part of the county was disproportionately affected.