CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A dream vacation turned into a nightmare after a hurricane trapped an American couple with ties to Charlotte on a tiny island with almost no food, no water and nowhere to sleep.

Their Facebook posts were chilling, the pictures terrifying. Kerman Haynes and his partner Andrew Burruus, who lived in Charlotte before moving to Atlanta, were on vacation in the British Virgin Islands when Irma hit.

Days after the storm, the devastation was everywhere and the two were trapped.

According to a post from a family member on Facebook, they had "less than a gallon of water left to last the two of them…and no shelter to stay in."

“That was horrific," said Kerman's sister Karen. "We got a call Saturday morning from Kerman who had hiked 12 miles from his hotel to let us know there were no efforts being made to get them off the island, no supplies had been delivered."

She was desperately working social media to get them help and tried to use their cell phone signals to track their whereabouts.

“We were keeping track of Kerman and Andrew's movements through Google Maps. We had their coordinates. Oh my god, it's been harrowing," Karen said. "It's been non-stop since we got the call Saturday morning.”

Finally, they caught a break Sunday. A friend of a friend, a pilot, was willing to fly them to San Juan.

They landed safely this morning.

“Pure relief," Karen said. "I've not talked to him yet. He sent a text earlier that said they're in Puerto Rico in a hotel room. They've showered, they've been fed and they're going to take a nap. When they wake up, they'll call. They're good.”