CHARLOTTE, N.C. - As the sun set across the Carolinas, Hurricane Irma preparations continued.

“I wanted to be prepared and I am getting a little bit of extra reserve gas just in case,” Wendell Janes said.

Janes filled up his tank and containers in his trunk full of gas. He’s lived through Hurricane Hugo and remembers the chaos it caused.

“We had problems getting gas and so forth, and I didn’t want that to happen again,” Janes recalled.

At grocery stores it was a race against the clock.

“Getting stuff for the storm,” Savannah Tyson said as she loaded up her car.

And a race against the crowds.

“We got the last few bottles of water,” Tiffany Lee said.

Photos taken show shelves at Harris Teeter on South Blvd. once full of water, bare.

And bread almost gone from a target in Gastonia.

“Just came from Trader Joes. The soup aisle is empty. They have no water. Bananas are basically gone,” Lee explained.

A sign outside Lowe’s informed customers the store has no more generators.

The city of Charlotte is also getting ready too.

The city announced it will use the Eastland Mall for potential disaster relief, with up to 25 tractor trailers stocked full of supplies, for up to two weeks.

As thousands feel the urgency and the anxiety of Irma inching closer.