There have been a couple of instances of heroism coming from reporters out in the field during hurricane coverage.

KHOU reporter Brandi Smith was broadcasting live covering Hurricane Harvey in Houston when she saw a man trapped inside a flooding tractor-trailer. She alerted rescue teams and broadcasted his return to safety on air.

Now during Hurricane Irma coverage there has been a second tale of heroism, but with a different kind of mammal. NBC's Kerry Sanders came across a baby dolphin that had been washed ashore Monday on the beach of Marco Island.

Sanders and another good Samaritan assisted helping the disoriented dolphin rest.

"They then made several attempts to guide it back into the water, fighting rolling waves that kept pushing the dolphin back to shore," the Today Show reported. "Finally, the animal found its way."

NBC also said the Sanders found yet another dolphin less than an hour later and recruited more volunteers to help. The adult dolphin was safely carried back to water.