As Hurricane Irma barrels towards Georgia with winds topping 100 mph, meteorologists throughout the Southeast are spending hours on end tracking her every move.

11Alive Chief Meteorologist Chris Holcomb is one of those meteorologists are keeping both eyes the captivating Irma at all times. When he's not live on-air for 11Alive, he's on Facebook live answering your questions about what it will be like when Irma greets you.

While he's focused on Irma, his wife, Angie, is wondering how she should feel about her husband's latest muse.

Angie Holcomb wrote on Facebook Friday evening, "Should I be concerned my husband is spending so much time with "Irma"? I mean, from what I hear, she's very large, not nice and no one likes her."

Did you catch that shade?

Chris posted a screenshot of her Facebook post to his page and the insults about Irma flowed in.

Chis says he realizes that this is a stressful time for everybody and it's nice to have a little levity.