CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Rejoice Carolinians! The crisp, fall air is finally here in the Carolinas.

While the first day of fall was technically September 22, Carolinians can finally break out their coats and boots after enduring weeks of hot and humid temperatures.

First Warn Storm Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich said highs will be in the 60s over the next couple of days and we may see temperatures drop to the 30s early Tuesday morning.

"It really is a drastic cold front," Panovich said in his video blog. "As we go in the overnight hours, there's a pretty good chance we could see temperatures in the 30s and 40s tonight... particularly in the Piedmont and the mountains."

As we go into the late-afternoon hours, Panovich said temperatures may drop to the upper 50s.

"I would expect these temperatures to continue to tumble into the upper 50s by the time you get home from work or school this afternoon," Panovich said. "Enjoy it. The cooler weather is going to stick around."

Panovich said patchy frost is possible in some parts of NBC Charlotte's viewing area Wednesday morning.

"Get ready," Panovich said. "Get the jackets out. The kids will need them in the morning because it is going to be chilly."

After heavy rain pouring through the area Monday morning, Panovich said we may not see rain for the rest of the week.

"Clear skies are already moving in parts of the mountains and foothills," Panovich said.

Stick with for the latest forecast from the First Warn Storm Team.