CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Christmas over but the cold weather is here to stay.

"I love the cold," said an ice skater in uptown.

There's nothing like a warm fire but if you're itching for the outdoors, there's only one obvious option in Charlotte.

"Ice skating," said one group of kids.

While some were having the time their life, Justin, the valet at Vivace, would have been better off calling out sick.

He says packing on the layers is key to staying warm in an otherwise cold job.

Whether you enjoy the cold or loathe the freezing temperatures, don't forget to protect the three Ps.

1.) Bring your Pets inside.

2.) Cover your plants.

3.) Protect your pipes.

Craig Anderson at Blackhawk Hardware suggests keeping your pipes open by leaving your water dripping and keeping your cabinets open to allow the warm air to enter.