HICKORY, N.C. — People living and working along the I-40 corridor spent Friday bracing for the possibility of winter weather this weekend.

North Carolina DOT crews and municipal crews, including the city of Hickory, spent the day pre-treating roads with brine.

Steve Miller, Hickory's assistant public services director, said their biggest concern is ice forming on the roads.

"Black ice and freezing rain can be a little trickier than snow," Miller said. "You can see snow and sleet. You can't always see freezing rain and black ice."

His crews are focusing on major roadways, bridges, overpasses, and hills.

"They're all elevated so you get cold air going underneath, which will make them freeze faster than a normal roadway," Miller explained. "The hills tend to be a problem area for folks who don't have four-wheel drive."

He said city crews will be on standby Saturday night to monitor road conditions.

At Conover Hardware, people came in all day to grab winter supplies. Assistant manager Rick Auton said people were buying ice melts, shovels, and sleds as well as filling up propane tanks for generators.

"[The snow] gets people excited," Auton said. "They're needing to replace the kids' sleds and get that shovel ready."

Don Bledsoe came to the store to buy more ice melt, and he said he's ready for the possibility of a long winter.

"I just try to mentally stay prepared between mid-November and mid-March," Bledsoe said.

At Lowe's Food off N.C. Highway 127, Jenny Lilly just wrapped up a grocery run, though she's not worried about the weather.

"We always wonder why the bread and milk fly off the shelves whenever there's [bad] weather being called for, but we really did need bread and milk this time," Lilly said. "I don't think there's many that are too worried."