CALDWELL COUNTY, N.C. -- Rhonda Styles sought shelter in her basement.

Meredith Berry thought she was living out a scene from the movie, “Twister.”

“I almost had a heart attack,” Berry told NBC Charlotte's Evan West.

Several folks from Caldwell County said it was the strongest storm to batter the area since Hurricane Hugo.

“The power of it," Styles said. "There was so much force there."

Caldwell County officials estimate over 120 homes were damaged in the Grace Chapel area as of Tuesday morning.

Tuesday was survey day, with residents inspecting the wrath of a storm that they anticipate was a tornado.

“To be honest, it looks like a jungle,” said Chelsea Brown, as there were fallen trees and leaves scattered everywhere in the area.

Disaster relief groups like the North Carolina Baptist Men have made their way into communities like Grace Chapel.