CHERRYVILLE, N.C. – A local church had a portion of its roof ripped off by strong winds Wednesday night.

The parking lot for St. John’s Lutheran Church in Cherryville was littered with debris Thursday morning, evidence of a powerful storm that rocked the Carolinas Wednesday.

The church, which is located on West Church Street in downtown Cherryville, had a significant portion of its roof blown off during the storm. In front of the building, pieces of siding, metal, and wood were scattered on the lawn.

"We're grateful that no one was hurt, grateful for life," said interim pastor John Propst.

The church is thankful that strong winds powerful enough to rip off part of the roof came before the congregation assembled for Wednesday night worship.

"We were in the sanctuary before we could see and start walking around," Propst said. "We could see all of the roof covering and everything gone."

Winds blew out stained glass and rainwater flowed in from where the roof was, threatening precious archives below.

"That was where three or four of us went immediately, to try to carry those things to a dry place," Propst said.

Despite damage that hasn't been seen since the church's building in the 1960's, and to a church that's been in the community since the 1800's, Propst says they'll pick up the pieces and rebuild.

"This is a wonderfully resilient church," he said. "We'll move on."

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In Rutherford County, a car dealership’s roof was taken down by strong winds. Back in Charlotte, the storms took down trees, knocking out power for thousands, and even affecting local livestock.

In the Steel Creek community of Charlotte, one cow died following a barn collapse. Officials with Charlotte Fire say powerful winds were to blame for the building’s collapse.

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