MORGANTON, N.C. — Communities throughout the Charlotte region spent all Monday cleaning up damage from Sunday's storms.

In Burke County, the National Weather Service said straight-line winds up to 60 miles per hour caused trees to crash onto power lines and roads.

One tree slammed through a bedroom into a house belonging to Oscar Rodriguez's father-in-law.

No one was inside the house at the time.

"Thank God that everybody was at church," Rodriguez said. "It can be fixed, but we're thankful to God that nobody was in there."

A section of King Street in downtown Morganton remains closed after a tree crashed into power lines.

However, crews were able to reopen West Fleming Street after clearing up a tree that slammed into power lines.

Michael Willis, Burke County' Emergency Management director, said people still need to be guarded.

"Until the wind subsides, just be very mindful of the soft moist ground," Willis said. "Trees can still topple over at any time."

In Gaston County, the National Weather Service said straight-line winds knocked down some trees, but the county's Emergency Management department said none of the trees damaged any property.

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