CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. -- The long process of picking up the pieces and beginning repairs is already underway for several families in Cleveland County.

Strong storms swept through the area, having a huge impact in northwest Shelby, where one home was ripped off of its foundation.

"She goes 'Oh my God,' that's not what I think it is," said Jo Ann Perezguzmen, whose home was damaged in the Monday's storm. "I go what 'What?' Thinking it's somebody else's house or the tree fell. Soon as I could see out the window I just started crying and crying."

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Relentless rain and powerful winds tour through Cleveland County. Perezguzmen's home was in the caught in the middle.

"Now I can just only hope and pray I find another house to live in," said Perezguzmen.

The sound of chainsaws echoing throughout Shelby Monday night. Jeff Graig is playing the role of Good Samaritan with dozens of downed trees across town.

"Do whatever it takes to get back to living a normal life," said Jeff Graig, a Shelby resident.

Life won't be back to normal Tuesday for Cleveland County Schools. The district sent out a tweet keeping classroom doors closed.

"I was watching TV and then all of the sudden the power clicked off," said Angela Hullender.

"A little tornado or something touched down because it just went straight through," said Gilda Hunt.