CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Smoke from the wildfire in Rutherford County could be seen and smelled all the way in Charlotte Friday as hundreds of firefighters work from dawn to dusk to contain a wildfire on a ridge overlooking the resorts on Lake Lure.

"Right now in North Carolina, we have over 20 active wildfires," said Governor Pat McCrory. "Over 7500 acres have burned so far."

The Party Rock Fire alone has spread to burning over 977 acres as of Friday morning and is only 15 percent contained.

No injuries have been reported. No structures have been destroyed, but McCrory says it's been very close.

"Because of this long and serious drought, some of the firefighters have just told me this is the most serious conditions they've seen in their 40 years. Over the next 10 days, we're not expecting any weather relief."

"It's burning very intense," said US Forestry Firefighter Ferrell Banks.

Banks was on the front lines Wednesday.

"We're having a lot of containment issues because of the amount of fuel that's on the ground. There is no water, the only water we have is from the lake and we have to move it up from the helicopter."

The cause of the fire in Lake Lure is under investigation. The public is encouraged to reach out to law enforcement with any information that may be helpful for them to determine the cause.