CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A storm system from the Gulf Coast is bringing heavy rain to the Carolinas all week long.

"If you have a good umbrella, it's time to put that in the car and keep it handy," said First Warn Storm Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich. "They're going to get overworked this week."

It's a little bit more than the typical spring and summer storms because an area of low pressure is trying to develop over Florida and the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

"This isn't going to be a wind and surge issue. This is going to be about rainfall," Panovich said. "Rainfall is going to be our biggest issue over the next couple of days."

The wet pattern will stick around the next four to six days. Each day it should get a little bit weaker over time and eventually move out.

"Every single day after 2 p.m., we'll start to see scattered showers and thunderstorms that will linger into the evening hours and probably dissipate after midnight. Things will calm down each morning and then fire back up in the afternoon," Panovich said.

Some of the rain is going to be heavy at times, but there isn't a threat of severe weather.

During the NASCAR All-Star Race Saturday at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, "We'll be dodging raindrops. It's hard to pin down the exact time, but there's going to be a lot of scattered showers around," Panovich said. "You've got to plan for rain no matter what you're doing this week into the weekend."

Anyone with anything planned outside needs to have a rain plan over the next couple of days because it is going to be a soaker.

Over the next six days, a total of four to five inches of rain is expected in the mountains with 2-4 inches expected across the Piedmont.

"It won't rain every day all day," Panovich said, "But there's a chance of rain every day."

Here are 5 things Panovich wants you to know about the rain this week:

  1. Yes, it's going to be wet, so if you have outdoor events/plans etc. you need to stay up to date on the weather each day.
  2. No, I would not cancel or change any plans right now unless you need a 0% chance of rain. If you can work around scattered showers then wait to make decisions until that day or just before. There could easily be a few days where there are 2-6 hour windows with no rain maybe longer it's just hard to say until that day.
  3. Your national weather app will not help you because it's just an automated computer model that will change every 6-12 hours with a new model run. "So just be cautious and check for local and human sources for updates." Panovich will post updates all week on, the WCNC app and Facebook. "As we go I'll to let you know what days could be worse than others."
  4. It's a good time to review what rain chances actually mean. "For the most part, we use the chance of rain as the odds of seeing rain during the forecasted times periods throughout the day at any given point on the map. For the most part, I use the chance of rain as my confidence in the possibility of rain. It is a safe bet to just use it as a scale. The higher the number, the better the chance is you will see rain on that day," Panovich said. Read here for more details
  5. It won't rain all day, every day, but there's a chance of rain every day. Every single day after 2 p.m. we'll start to see scattered showers and thunderstorms that will linger into the evening hours.

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