CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Just like your home, your car should always be fully stocked ahead of a cold, wintry day.

First, make sure your fluids are topped off. That includes your oil, power steering, and antifreeze.

“The fluids make sure your engine keeps running,” said Herbert White, a mechanic at Drums Tire and Battery in Rock Hill.

The inside of the car shouldn't look like a Christmas tree with numerous lights, so if you see any warnings, check them out, especially the one that looks like “a horseshoe with a line in it,” said White.

He's talking about the tire pressure light. If that light comes on, have your tires checked immediately.

“You'll see if there is any wear on the side of the tires,” said White. “ If they're wearing uneven, look at the grooves of the tire, you wouldn't want those tires.”