CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Not all heroes wear capes, and while Ethan, a technician for Morris-Jenkins, doesn't claim to have an "S" on his chest, his job brings a lot of warmth to desperate people.

He says from Tuesday to Wednesday, Morris-Jenkins received more than 1,300 HVAC-related inquiries.

“Every time I finish a call, I'm pretty much rolling right on to the next one,” said Ethan, who's approaching four years with the company.

It's all due to a cold snap with no end in sight, no warmth on the way until the cows come home which brought Ethan to a home in Mint Hill.

The issue was the condensate pump.

"It basically froze because water came out of here from that furnace," he explained.

In layman's terms, the furnace continued to produce heat but the condensation has nowhere to go, which could lead to flooding and possible freezing.

Fortunately for the homeowner, Ethan installed a backup pump on his last visit, which kept the basement dry.

The problem can be traced back to the terribly cold temperature.

“It's just causing these systems to run a lot more than they usually do,” said Ethan. "Stuff fails more often just because they're so worn out."

That's where technicians like Ethan earn their stripes.

“We've got extreme temperatures, they're either hot. they're either cold, the most rewarding thing is just coming out here, fixing the problem and getting them comfortable in their house."

Ethan says the best way to prevent HVAC problems is to have checked out by a professional.