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The next time you golf, play the weather to your advantage

Wind, frost, and the angle of your sun could make or break your golf score.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — We’re now less than two weeks away from the Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte.

Before your next tee time, it's important to understand the impact weather has on golf.


The wind is one of the most impactful atmospheric conditions in your golf game.

“If you have a strong wind, and it's blowing from behind them when they're on the tee box, that's going to give them more distance, because the stronger winds going to push the ball further down the fairway," Stewart Williams, a meteorologist for the PGA Tour, explained. 

For example, a 140-yard shot with a 5 mph tailwind would carry the ball farther by more than 4 yards. A  tailwind speed of 25 mph could increase your distance by more than 12 yards. On contrary, the force of a headwind at 25 mph could shorten your hit by some 38 yards.


Williams said lightning is the most concerning safety concern for both players and fans. 

Play is postponed when lightning is detected within an 8-mile radius of the course. 

Lightning can strike up to 30 miles away from the core of a thunderstorm.

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When it’s not storming, the angle of the sun could throw off your putt. 

“Late in the day when it starts setting, you start getting those shadows along the greens," Williams explained. "It makes it harder for the players to putt because they can’t really read the grain of the putting green. 

Surface conditions

Finally, Williams said not to forget about frost, which could delay early morning tee times. Golf courses often want to avoid damage to the greens by not having golfers walk over frosty grounds.  




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