What to expect as winter weather moves into the Carolinas
Author: KJ Hiramoto, John Wendel
Published: 7:48 AM EDT March 11, 2018
Updated: 7:41 PM EDT March 11, 2018
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- As viewers in the North Carolina mountains brace for snow, Charlotteans may need to prepare for winter weather Sunday night into early next week.

Snow is expected to move into North Carolina Sunday night into Monday. Those living in Watauga County may see up to six inches of snow, while viewers in the foothills may see between one and two inches of snow.


What to expect as winter weather moves into the Carolinas

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Before we get a chance to worry about the white stuff, a winter weather system moving toward the Carolinas is expected to spread cold rain across the area Sunday evening into Monday.

"While temperatures will be cold Sunday, they will be warm enough for rain and snow," said First Warn Storm Meteorologist John Wendel.

The Charlotte and surrounding area will most likely see a cold rain spread across the region during Sunday afternoon. Temperatures should only be in the mid to upper 40s, Wendel said.

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Wendel said colder air aloft will move over the Tar Heel State Sunday night and Monday, turning some rain into snow.

"The mountains will start to see the transition Sunday night while areas along I-40 could experience a change over during the day on Monday," he said.

A winter weather advisory was issued for Avery country from Sunday night into Monday. A winter storm warning was also issued for Ashe, Avery and Watauga counties from Sunday night to Monday.

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Wendel said those in the foothill and the high country may wake up to two to six inches of snow.

"This will be a wet, heavy-type snow that will weigh down on some trees," Wendel said.

The area along I-40 will see a cold rain Sunday and Sunday night while some snow is expected mix with the rain Monday.

Will viewers in the foothill be able to build a snowman? Wendel said not so fast.

"Any accumulations in the area will be on elevated surfaces such as cars, decks or trees," Wendel said.

However, if there is a quick burst of snow, the grassy areas in the foothills may briefly turn white, Wendel said.

"If you are traveling, it is the mountain and foothill communities that will have a medium impact to the roadways. Low impact can be expected here in Charlotte." said Wendel.

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As Carolinians are expected to wake up to frigid, cold temperatures Monday and Tuesday mornings, there are things you can do in advance to make things easier for yourself.

NBC Charlotte compiled the following winter weather hacks:

1. Leave a towel on your windshield overnight. This will help keep snow and ice from accumulating.

2. If ice does form on your windshield, spray or pour on a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water.

3. Cover your mirrors with Ziploc gallon bags or plastic grocery bags to keep them from icing over. An ice scraper will damage or destroy side mirrors.

4. To prevent your car door from freezing shut, wipe the rubber seals down with WD-40 or cooking spray. That will displace the water and keep it from freezing.

5. Stuff socks with cat litter and place them around your windshield in your car. It will absorb moisture and keep your windows from fogging up.

6. If your tires get stuck on ice, you can pour the cat litter around your tires for traction.

7. If your key hole is frozen, either use a lighter to heat up your car key for a few seconds, or pour hand sanitizer on your key. Hand sanitizer will also work to free frozen door handles.

8. If you park your car outside, make sure it’s facing east before you go to bed. That way when the sun rises, it will hit your windshield and help melt accumulated ice.

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