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NBC Charlotte is Looking Out For You. It's more than just our slogan; it's a candid commitment to our viewers. Throughout every department in our station, among every team member, one simple question drives every decision: How will this benefit our viewer? When there's a big story that affects the lives of our Carolinians, we throw all of our time and resources into it. Like when we covered the Democratic National Convention and the snow storm of February 2014.

When the DNC came to town in 2012, the nation's attention was focused squarely on the city of Charlotte, and our talented team members seized the opportunity. We had more anchors and more reporters outperforming the competition, and on the final, most important day of the convention, NBC Charlotte was #1 in the ratings.

No time has NBC Charlotte been more focused, more goal-oriented, and more determined than when we covered the winter storm of February 2014. At one point, we broadcasted over 10 ½ hours of continuous, wall-to-wall coverage.

It's one, powerful message that we hope won't just stick with viewers as an often-heard catch-phrase, but one that they'll actually feel first-hand and sincerely know to be true. NBC Charlotte is Looking Out For You.

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