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WCNC Charlotte Sales

Apply for WCNC TV advertising creditWelcome future business partners! WCNC NBC Charlotte is passionate about partnering with local businesses to reach and engage audiences that impact your business. We provide local market expertise and cutting edge research to deliver results-oriented advertising campaigns for businesses just like yours.

In addition to our NBC affiliation, we've partnered with Google, Facebook and numerous other digital companies to equip our business partners with the tools needed to reach and influence their target audience. Through research, experience and strategic planning, we empower our partners with technology and insights to create unique marketing campaigns that will stand out across critical platforms.

Attract Attention Be Found Get Connected Stay Engaged

We keep you engaged with your target audience when it counts and we can prove it! Our intuitive, transparent reporting simplifies your ROI tracking and campaign metrics in real-time. Please contact us for more information, the first step is a business assessment. We look forward to partnering together and helping your business achieve unprecedented success!


Targeted visibility for local businesses
WCNC is proud to partner with DataSphere Technologies Inc. DataSphere is responsible for powering our community calendar and offering geographically-targeted advertising opportunities across WCNC.com.

DataSphere, in partnership with more than 100 U.S. television stations, helps local businesses across the country raise their visibility, convert more customers, and gain a competitive edge with custom marketing packages targeted to specific neighborhoods and communities.

For more information, visit DataSphere.com

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Advertising Terms and Conditions

Your purchase of any broadcast or online advertising is subject to TEGNA's standard advertising terms and conditions, which are available here.