CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Today comes with increasing cloud cover but the sunshine will still be apparent through the day. By days end the clouds will continue to get thicker which will lead to a cloudier night and day tomorrow. Highs today will be slightly warmer than yesterday and around 60°.

Tomorrow starts off mild in the low 40's but scattered to spotty rain showers are possible through the day. With the lack of sunshine we will likely be around 50° for our day time high. most of the rain will fall on Monday night into Tuesday morning and we could see a range of 1-2" of rain by the time it is over.

We will be in the warm sector of this storm on Tuesday which will crank our highs into the mid the to the upper 60's. Some will even hover around 70°! Wednesday has a chance for a few showers but a cold front will eventually pass cooling us down big time into the 40's (highs) and 20's (lows) Thursday through Saturday.

Have a sensational Sunday!