Major renovations can have a serious impact on a family s lifestyle. A family can t expect that life will go on as usual, because it will not. There will be major effort made on everyone s part to pull this off successfully. The goal is to maintain a happy and healthy family relationship In the midst of this major change. Today, I will share tips to help you balance your life in the midst of major renovations.

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1)Consider how the renovations will impact your home life.

Renovating your living room or dining room may mean that for a while you must have meals in the kitchen, or that the kids can only play in their bedrooms. This can cause tension because of the cramped environment. Be aware of how the renovations may affect your home life so that you can adjust more easily to unexpected complications. By really considering the impact on your family, you will be able to determine when the best time to start the renovations in your home.

2)Make selections before renovating. You and your spouse should choose all the required materials before you start the renovations. Everything from the color of walls, to the color and style of the cabinets should be decided on. Avoid making any major changes during the renovation. That lengthens the process and increases expenses. It is appropriate for one spouse to serve as the spokesperson for the project, but only after these decisions have been agreed upon.

3)Hire a renovation contractor. Don t try to tackle this entire project by yourself. Get an expert involved. This will save you time and money. It will also free up more time for you to spend with family. By hiring the contractor, you get to share your vision and he will ensure that it gets completed properly.

4)Extend courtesy to your neighbors. People typically know in advance that they are about to undergo a major remodeling project in their home. It is courteous to notify your neighbors in advance. Tell them what type of project you will be doing and how many extra trucks they can expect to see in the neighborhood during this time. Neighbors are more likely to work with you, if they know that you considered them in the process.

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5)Keep a corner free. You should safeguard one part of your home as a work-free zone where you and your family can still function and live comfortably.

6)Agree on Timeframe for Work. You want to consider your family picture. Are the children in school during the day until a set time in the afternoon? That might be a good time for them to get some the noisier work completed. You should have a designated start time and end time daily.

7)Get Out. Get out of the way as much as possible to allow the contractors to get their work done. Being around the house and analyzing every move the contractors make will be frustrating for you and them. You might want to take the children to do their homework in the library a few evenings. You can also plan some other free or low cost activities that your family can do to allow the contractor and crew more uninterrupted work time.

8)Stay Local. I recommend that people in the midst of major renovations remain local. Don t go out of town. This will allow you to stay abreast of what is happening and prevent costly mistakes.

9)No five course meals. Even if the kitchen isn't part of your remodeling project, it's a good idea to create a large file of take-out and delivery menus from local restaurants. You can still eat healthy to go meals. Just stay out of the kitchen during this time.

10)Keep your family informed. Let everyone in the family know how the project is coming along. Have a weekly family meeting during the renovation project so that everyone in the family is on the same page and feels like they are a part of the project. Give the entire family an idea of how much longer the project will take. The hammering and excess noise impacts the entire family, so you really have to get buy in from everyone even the younger ones.

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