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Popcorn shortage could affect movie theaters

Farmers are growing less corn and supply chain issues are adding to the shortage of popcorn for movie theaters.

TYLER, Texas — Movie theaters are starting to bounce back and summer Blockbusters like Top Gun Maverick are bringing in big crowds, but theaters may be facing a new dilemma. 

As you walk through the doors of a movie theater, the aroma of buttery popcorn fills the air.

It’s a scent that feels nostalgic to many, but could that be ending soon?

Experts say movie theaters could be facing a popcorn shortage.

“We are preparing for it by stocking up,” William Brittain, manager of Lake Country Playhouse said. 

Farmers are growing less corn and planting more profitable crops. Supply chain issues are impacting everything from the oil used to pop it to the bags you eat it out of. Theaters rely heavily on their concessions for profit, so does that mean you’ll be paying more for that large popcorn?

“We want to keep the hometown feel of lower prices, especially during this time of recession. And so that would be a last resort to raise prices,” Brittain said. 

If theater prices are higher next time, it's due to a shortage in certain concession items.

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